Intel® MPI Library for Windows* - New features

The Intel® MPI Library 3.2 Update 1 for Windows* is an update release of the Intel® MPI Library for Windows* OS. This release includes the following updates compared to the Intel® MPI Library 3.2 (see product documentation for more details):

  • Performance enhancements
    • Direct interprocess memory copy through the I_MPI_INTRANODE_DIRECT_COPY and I_MPI_INTRANODE_DIRECT_COPY_THRESHOLDS variables
    • Collective Operations Optimization
  • Usability improvements
    • ILP64 support through the -ilp64 option
    • Process pinning improvement
    • Active Directory based user autherization through the I_MPI_AUTH_METHOD variable
  • Extended interoperability
    • Support for the Intel® Compilers 11.1

Additionally, the Intel® MPI Library 3.2 for Windows* includes the following new features compared to the Intel® MPI Library 3.1 for Windows* (see product documentation for details):

  • Performance enhancements
    • Automatic application-specific performance tuning through the mpitune utility
    • Simplified selection of IPoIB for sock and ssm communication through the I_MPI_NETMASK variable
    • Faster RDMA and RDSSM wait mode through the I_MPI_RDMA_WRITE_IMM variable
    • Further optimized Alltoall, Alltoallv, Allreduce, Gather, Scatter, and Bcast collective operations
    • Greater scalability for the sock and ssm devices
  • Usability improvements
    • Advanced shared memory segment size control
    • Loadable 3rd party process manager libraries
  • Extended interoperability
    • Intel® Compiler 11.0 support
    • Microsoft* Windows* HPC Server 2008 support
    • Microsoft* Windows Vista* support
    • DAPL* 2.0 support