Support for other MPI implementations


Does the Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector support different MPI implementations?


Yes. The Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector supports the following MPI implementations:

  • Intel® MPI Library 3.x for Linux*
  • MPICH* and all of its variants (e.g. MPICH3)
  • Any other MPICH-based MPI implementations

Support for all of these is available by simply linking with the default or libVT.a library.

If your preferred MPI implementation is not listed here, you can easily check if the Intel Trace Collector interface is binary compatible with that of your local MPI library.  That's done by compiling and running the examples/mpiconstants.c program with your MPI.  Then check the values you get with the values listed in section 1.2 System Requirements and Supported Features of the Intel Trace Collector Reference Manual.  If they match, you're good to go.