Light Scattering

Note: This version is obsolete but is being retained for historical purposes. Please check out the latest version: GTD Light Scattering Sample Updated

Features / Description

This sample demonstrates that atmospheric light scattering effects which were previously available for high-end GPUs only, can now be implemented (with some simplifications) in real time using Intel 3rd Generation Integrated Graphics and produce compelling visual results. The sample demonstrates three techniques for calculating volumetric lighting effects and shows how adjusting specific parameters in each scenario affects quality and frame rate of the scene.




System Requirements

  • CPU: (Intel® microarchictecture 3rd Gen Integrated Graphics or better suggested)
  • GFX: uses Microsoft DirectX* 11 graphics API on Microsoft DirectX* 10 (or better) hardware
  • OS: Microsoft Vista* or later
  • MEM: 2 GB of RAM or better


Toolkits Supported:
  • Microsoft DirectX* SDK (June 2010 release or later)
Compilers Supported: Libraries Required:
  • Microsoft* C Run-Time Libraries (CRT) 2008/2010


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