Locating files for source drill-down in Intel® Parallel Inspector


If you ever need to use Intel® Parallel Inspector to diagose a problem on a target machine that has the runtime components but not the source files, you might see something like this (in fact, any time the source files are in a different place than when they were used for the build):


Setting file search paths

Intel Parallel Inspector provides the means to define search paths for files, symbols, binaries and sources.  From the Solution Explorer, right click on the project, select properties and then pick Intel Parallel Inspector >> Project Properties...:


Choose the Search Directories tab of the Intel Parallel Inspector Project Properties and select Source files as the Search directory.


The Add new line interface enables you to browse for your source directory, which may be a share mounted from a remote build machine.  Or it may be the top of a tree of nested source folders, in which case you can check the Search Subdirectories box and include the entire hierarchy in searches.