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Intel Mobile Graphics Developer's Guides for Intel Atom® processor-based platforms

This document provides development hints and tips to ensure that your customers will have a great experience playing your games and running other interactive 3D graphics applications on platforms with Intel Atom® processors. This document details software development practices encompassing the entire range of Intel Atom processors with a focus on performance analysis using Microsoft DirectX*. Intel® Software Development Products useful in optimizing and profiling graphics applications are discussed throughout the document.

Intel Atom processors enable a broad range of devices including netbooks, entry-level desktops, tablets, handhelds, smartphones, consumer electronics (CE) devices, and other companion devices. Today Intel Atom processors integrate features such as controllers for memory, graphics, video, and display for a host of new applications that deliver flexibility and innovation. In the future, 32nm-based System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions will provide even greater functionality and form factor options.


Download the Latest Guide (Updated Feb 25th, 2011)

To read the rest of the Intel Atom Processor - Graphics Developer's Guide, download Intel Atom Processor - Graphics Developer's Guide v1.0 [PDF 1.25MB]


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Go to the Support page to download the latest Intel Atom graphics drivers, get FAQ answers and more:


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Software developers can go to the forum and post questions/comments about the complete line of Intel's Integrated Graphics chipset solutions. If you are a game developer, many useful documents including everything from multi-threading to audio, are available at The Intel Atom support page is at

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