My First Puzzles: Numbers by A&R Entertainment

New Ultrabook™ devices have created numerous opportunities for developers to create new and innovative apps. A&R Entertainment has capitalized on the powerful capabilities of Ultrabook systems with its "Learning is Fun" educational game collection for children.

One of the games, My First Puzzles: Numbers provides children aged 2 to 6 an entertaining way to solve puzzles, while learning numbers and developing fine motor skills. It’s the app equivalent of wooden puzzles, featuring 14 different puzzles with engaging sounds, rich graphics and interactive playing for young children.

When developing this compelling game, A&R Entertainment was able to take advantage of its status as an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone to access tools, code and support to create the best game possible for children. Plus, the company received inspiration and feedback from the communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having access to the resources available through the Intel Developer Zone certainly helped us develop this game for the unique attributes of Ultrabook systems,” said Alexandre Minard, developer of My First Puzzles: Numbers.

My First Puzzles: Numbers utilizes the powerful Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices to create a fluid, visually-rich experience for young children. “Children enjoy the interaction of using their fingers to solve puzzles with the interactive environment of this entertaining and educational game,” revealed Alexandre.

With the extensive development support from Intel and the opportunities presented with the powerful platforms of Ultrabook devices, A&R Entertainment is looking forward to developing new, educational apps for young children. “The touch platform and intuitive user interface of Ultrabook devices make them compelling and exciting new platforms,” Alexandre said.

A&R Entertainment is a game development company focused on creating high quality, educational and interactive games for children. For more information visit:

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