New Apps Provide Enhanced User Experience on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1

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New Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets for Microsoft Windows* 8.1 are providing an exciting and powerful new platform to experience some of the best new applications being developed today.

Featuring Intel Atom processors, new tablets running Windows* 8.1 are power optimized for high performance and energy efficiency, which enables faster application and web page load time, high-resolution visuals and seamless interactivity. These new tablets make it more enjoyable to listen, watch, play and be productive wherever users may be.

Thousands of Films, TV Shows and More Featured on

The app by Media Ltd. on new Windows* 8.1 tablets provides the largest collection of licensed video on the Russian Internet, with more than 70,000 videos. Russian language users can enjoy the high-resolution HD display to watch films from all six major Hollywood Studios, Russian films, children’s programming and much more.

Enhance Your Desktop with Vladstudio Companion

The Vladstudio Companion by ALSEDI Group spruces up the appearance of Windows* 8.1 tablets with rotating wallpaper designs that can be accessed and changed with a simple click. Users can download images, save their favorite pictures, keyword search for specific content, and receive alerts when the team adds exciting new content.

Stay Organized, Set Reminders and More with abcNotes

abcNotes by ALSEDI Group provides a new twist on sticky notes through feature-oriented digital notes. It provides the familiarity and realistic feel of traditional sticky notes with the ability to jot notes, choose an attractive font and organize them by category. Featuring 88 attractive fonts, 45 varieties of note skins, 27 fun badge designs and 115 icons, abcNotes is a fun and useful tool.

Lightning-Fast Tablets with Superb Battery Life

These and other apps are taking advantage of the unique capabilities of Intel Atom processor-based tablets for Windows* 8.1 to provide a higher level of performance, interactivity and fun. Developers are continuing to work with Intel to produce new apps enhanced by the powerful new Windows 8.1 platforms.

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