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Black Duck Software is a frequent exhibitor at Intel® Developer Forum and a member of Intel® Capital's open-source investment portfolio. The Olliance Group, a Black Duck Company, provides strategy and consulting related to open-source software. Black Duck Software powers, a code search engine for open-source, and, a free public directory of open-source software that also supports a vibrant web community of developers and users of free and open-source software.


Enhancements to the Black Duck Code Sight Source Code Search Engine
Code Sight v1.3 includes integration with Mercurial and Bazaar software configuration management (SCM) systems.

Advancements to the Black Duck Code-Scanning Portfolio
The latest offering complements Black Duck Assessment Services and extends security capabilities.

Partnership with credativ for OSS Support Capabilities
Complementary offerings, global support, and training speed deployment and integration of opne-source software.

Black Duck Software Acquires SpikeSource
Growth fuels additional acquisitions and supports FOSS adoption by expanding tools and access to FOSS projects.


Black Duck Suite
Learn how this enterprise scale platform can automate the key processes associated with using open-source software in a multi-source development process.

Black Duck KnowledgeBase Datasheet
This document describes a comprehensive database of opne-source software and associated license and other information.

Black Duck Protex Overview
Understand how this platform helps companies administer how their software assets are created, managed, and licensed.

Black Duck Code Center
Learn how this resource streamlines the search, selection, approval, and tracking of software components as part of the development process.

Case Studies

Black Duck Protex enables this storage solution vendor to document, manage, and properly license opne-source and third party software incorporated into its products.

EPAM Systems
Black Duck Software helps a software outsourcing provider maintain a competitive advantage by enabling it to audit and document the originality of its work products.

This international eHealth specialist develops components for secure and reliable networking of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, health insurance companies, and patients around the world.

Intel Corporation
Black Duck Protex helps Intel reduce software rework and mitigate business risk by validating that software usage strictly adheres to corporate software-licensing policies.

This remote PC access service provider used Black Duck Software to check for opne-source and third-party components within code it obtained through a corporate acquisition.

Voxeo Corporation
A leading provider of Interactive Voice Response and Voice over IP platforms and services uses Black Duck Protex as part of their technical due diligence process for company acquisitions.


Black Duck Knowledge Center
The Black Duck Knowledge Center features a comprehensive library of case studies, whitepapers, and guidebooks on free and opne-source software management.

Webinar Library
The Webinar Library includes recorded webinars on host of opne-source-related topics.

Press Page
The press page provides the latest press releases and subscription services to the Black Duck RSS feed.

Product Overview
The product overview outlines the management of opne-source solutions using Black Duck products.

Black Duck Blog
The Black Duck Blog provides insights and viewpoints about opne-source and the software industry as a whole.