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Zend Technologies is a major contributor to PHP and related projects, helping drive optimized performance, stability and scalability on Intel® architecture-based systems. The company also provides Zend Server, an application server for PHP, and a range of other products for developing, hosting, and managing PHP solutions. Intel® Capital invests in Zend Technologies to support the ongoing success of businesses of all sizes that deploy the LAMP (Linux*, Apache*, MySQL*, and PHP) stack on Intel® platforms.


Developing High-Performance Analytic Applications with Infobright and PHP (free registration required)
By using Infobright and PHP you can quickly build high-performance, scalable analytic applications while keeping costs at bay. Join this webinar by Infobright and Zend to learn more.

Unveiling Zend Server Cluster Manager (free registration required)
Zend Server Cluster Manager can help ensure high availability and simplify managing, adding, and removing servers. This webinar goes into depth on the product’s features.

Guidelines for Deploying PHP Applications (free registration required)
Moving PHP code from development requires a structured approach. This webinar introduces a few basic methods that you can use to manage a predictable deployment.

Secure Application Development with the Zend Framework (free registration required)
Using the Zend Framework for PHP application development projects introduces the need for new security procedures and practices. This webinar gives useful background and techniques.

The Road to Faster Development: Unit Testing and Continuous Integration (free registration required)
Creating a comprehensive unit test suite is an important step towards producing stable, high-quality PHP code. This webinar gives helpful tips about unit testing and continuous integration.


Zend Solutions
From pilot to production, Zend helps you increase the maturity of your PHP application life cycle.

Zend Products
Zend products are used to develop and run thousands of PHP business-critical applications worldwide.

Zend Global Services
Zend Global Services help optimize the benefits companies receive from PHP and Zend products.

Zend Community
Zend's success depends on a successful, vibrant, and engaged open-source community built around PHP.