Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q3 2012 - Intel Cluster Ready News

Intel® Cluster Ready Certification for LBNL Warewulf 3.2

LBNL Warewulf 3Intel Cluster Ready and Warewulf 3 together provide a zero-cost, open source solution that guarantees integration and compatibility with Intel products as well as 3rd-party hardware and software solutions. Being freely available, actively developed, and Intel Cluster Ready certified makes Warewulf an excellent solution for Intel Cluster Ready reference design recipes.

Intel® Cluster Ready Demo at ISC’12

At this year’s International Supercomputing conference in Hamburg, Intel® Cluster Ready presented a very successful live demo in close collaboration with Intel Cluster Ready Partners Fujitsu and Altair.

The demo featured a Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 S1 pedestal mounted ready-to-go cluster. The application shown was Altair* RADIOSS* 11. The Altair PBS Professional* workload management system was also demonstrated. Altair PBS Professional can use Intel® Cluster Checker to check the health of a cluster prior to scheduling a workload. The visual highlight of the demo was an animation of a car crashing into a wall, right next to the 3D car race simulator in the booth!

Since Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400S1 clusters are Intel Cluster Ready certified, it was not necessary to setup the cluster before the show. The cluster was installed on-site at ISC, complete with successful Intel Cluster Checker runs, installation and testing of Altair RADIOSS and PBSPro*. There was time to spare to setup the car crash for a more detailed simulation.

This extremely useful application of Intel Cluster Checker was presented in the Intel Cluster Ready Q4’11 newsletter. The associated whitepaper can be found here.

Look For Intel® Cluster Ready

When you see the Intel Cluster Ready name, you can be assured the cluster solution complies with the Intel Cluster Ready specification and has passed the tests of the Intel® Cluster Checker.

For more information read the Intel® Cluster Ready Usage Guidelines.

Look for Intel Cluster Ready solution vendors.