Sample Application: Touch for Desktop

This sample application shows how to implement support for touch input in a desktop application. It uses the Windows* 7 touch APIs and was built in Visual Studio* 10. Due to the backwards compatibility of the desktop environment in Windows* 8, the touch features of this app will still function correctly when an executable is run on a Windows* 8 desktop. The application is written in C++ and draws a basic rectangle on the display. It shows how to handle various touch gestures and how to process their data and modify the rectangle with this data. This basic application should be helpful to developers who are looking for an example of how to effectively use the Windows* 7 C++ touch APIs to handle touch events in a desktop application that can run on Windows* 8.

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About the Author
Gideon is a Software Applications Engineer with Intel's Software and Solutions Group. Gideon has spent 5 years developing display controller components of Windows, Linux, and Android graphics drivers. For the last year, he has worked on Windows 8 and Android applications for Intel’s tablet and phone platforms.

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