Samples changes in Intel® IPP 6.1

Intel® IPP 6.1 Samples changes

DMIP: This sample code package is available only on Intel IPP for Windows* and not on Linux and contains headers and prebuilt binary modules for DMIP layer which statically linked with IPP libraries, DMIP users manual, sources for .NET interface for DMIP layer and sources for GUI application which demonstrates implementation of harmonization filter with DMIP API and sources for simple command line application which also show how to use DMIP API in some image processing tasks.

The changes in IPP 6.1 DMIP are

• New operations:
          Basic morphology operations
• Erosion
• Dilation 
     o Pixelwise 
          Weighted addition
• C# interface extension
     o New operations
     o Threading control
• Compiled graph serialization/deserialization for real deferred execution.
• Sepia toner workload example
• System API threading instead of OpenMP threading.
• Thread affinity.
     o Best configuration for system is chosen.
• Four graph execution models:
     o Debug
     o Light
     o Middle
     o Aggressive

UIC Sample Code: The Unified Image Codec samples demonstrate how to use UIC interface in image processing application. There are two demo applications, the first one is simple command line image transcoder and the second one is GUI application which demonstrates implementation of computer vision algorithms with functions provided by Intel ® IPP and basic content based image retrieval (CBIR) functionality based on MPEG7 image feature descriptors. The set of functions used in the this sample includes functions for JPEG/JPEG2000/RLE/DDS/PNG/PNM/BMP encoding/decoding, DICOM decoding, image filtering and computer vision algorithms like face detection, inpainting and image segmentation.

PNG/PNM/BMP support has been added in Intel IPP 6.1 UIC samples.

Legacy Samples: The following samples which were available in previous versions of the main Intel IPP samples package are now became legacy samples and available as a separate download. This sample package will be updated less frequently than our other sample code.

• image-codecs: jpeg2000, jpeg-ijl, jpegview samples (this is the old image codec implementation)
• language-interface: Delphi & dotnet-vb samples
• speech-recognition

IPP Samples: The main ipp samples packages include the following:

• advanced-usage
• audio-video-codecs
• data-compression
• image-codecs
• image-processing
• language-interface
• realistic-rendering
• signal-processing
• speech-codecs
• string-processing

Face detection samples are added as part of image-processing sample in Intel IPP 6.1

Intel® IPP 6.1 on Windows standalone, Intel® Parallel Studio, Intel® Parallel Composer

The samples included are designed to illustrate Intel IPP function usages in Image Processing, Signal Processing, String Processing and language support for C++ and C#. All samples are provided as Visual Studio solutions and also contain command-line build instructions in the sources or in a *.bat file.

• Image Processing (ipp-samples-image): Illustrates how to call Intel IPP image processing, color coverstiona dn computer vision fuctions in Vistual Studio.
• Signal Processing (ipp-samples-signal): Illustrates how to call Intel IPP Signal Processing functions and some string processing functions.
• String Processing (ipp-samples-string): The ippgrep sample demonstrates how to use functions that perform matching operations with the Perl-compatible regular expression patterns provided by Intel IPP String Processing Functions
• Language Interface Support (ipp-samples-language): Illustrate Intel IPP usage in Microsoft* C# .NET and C++ Applications.