Sample code for understanding the effect of compiler options

Problem : 
I am new to Intel compilers and working with group for performance optimization of application.

I need to understand the effect of ICC flags in the performance of an application and their effects. To understand the effect of different flags on the performance I need some sample code which can demonstrate the effect of flag. Where I can find the sample codes for different flags of ICC?

Environment : 

Windows and Intel C++ compiler deevelopment environment.


Probably, use of any Compiler FLAGS depends more on the type of an application being executed and finding sample codes to understand the effect of FLAG can not be obtained collectively at one place. You may start with Intel C++ Compiler (ICC) v-11.0 documents like -

- Intel C++ Compiler Building Applications
- Intel C++ Optimizing Applications

The sample code is available as part of Intel C++ compiler but it is not exhaustive. You may take a look at C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Compiler\11.0\072\cpp\Samples\C++\samples.htm to get idea.

You may signup for Intel® Parallel studio beta program to get access to OpenMP tutorial at C:\Program Files\Intel\Composer\2009\Samples\en_US\C++\NQueens\nq-openmp-intel.

It has samples codes for intrinsic, openmp, pgo, vectorization and ipo. These examples are good to start with for beginners. You can also try searching internet for sample code.