Setting Text Size for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Components on Microsoft Windows* Operating Systems

Intel® Inspector XE, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, and Intel® Advisor XE use Microsoft Windows* OS system fonts to select text size. This allows the components to automatically pick up any change you make for accessibility or personal preference without affecting any other component user on the system.

 Therefore, changing the text size for the Intel® Parallel Studio XE GUI is simple. Just change the Windows* text size and reopen the component.

 Here are a few ways, based on using the Windows 7* OS, to change the text size:

·        Right click anywhere on the screen. Select Personalize >Display and use the radio button to enlarge text.





·        From the same dialog box, click Set custom text size (DPI) to get a more precise way of setting text size.




·        Right click anywhere on the screen, select Personalize > Window color > Advanced appearance settings to adjust the text size for specific parts of a view, such as window title, window text, or message box text. You can also use this dialog box to change color settings for accessibility purposes or user preference.




These examples are shown in the Windows 7* OS, but there are similar dialog boxes in all Windows* OS versions.

 Recommendation: Intel Parallel Studio XE components should take most of the updated text sizes even while they are running. Nevertheless, it is better to restart the components.