Software Requirements for a VMware* VT Solution


Prepare the key software elements for a virtualization solution using components from Intel and VMware*. Running multiple applications on a single server increases server efficiency and reduces the number of servers to be managed and maintained. When workloads increase, additional VMs can be quickly created for agile response to changing needs without adding physical servers. Moreover, with VMware technology, IT administrators can move live, running VMs from server to server while maintaining continuous server availability.


The primary building blocks of the VMware virtual infrastructure include VMware Server* and ESX Server*, in conjunction with VMware VirtualCenter* management software. VMware Server and ESX Server provide a virtualization layer that allows multiple virtual machines to operate simultaneously on a single physical server. ESX Server provides IT administrators with additional capabilities that give them complete control over the server resources allocated to each virtual machine.

VMware VirtualCenter management software is used by system administrators to manage virtual machines across many physical systems. VirtualCenter simplifies the management of virtualized Intel® architecture-based environments, whether they use Microsoft Windows*, Novell NetWare*, or Linux* operating systems. In addition, VMware VMotion* technology allows administrators using VirtualCenter to migrate a live virtual machine to a different physical server without service interruption, making dynamic workload balancing and zero-downtime hardware maintenance possible.

VMware virtual infrastructure software allows IT administrators to do the following:

  • Manage Intel® processor-based hardware as a single logical pool of computing resources
  • Streamline server provisioning and management
  • Monitor system availability and performance
  • Move workloads dynamically across distributed servers without service in terruption
  • Eliminate scheduled downtime by enabling zero-downtime maintenance
  • Secure the environment with robust access control



Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity

Virtualization Solutions from Intel and VMware*

Improving IT Management with Multi-Port NICs and a Virtual Infrastructure: A Perspective by Intel Corporation and VMware [PDF 291KB]