The Difference Between Advisor Survey and Amplifier Hotspots

Intel® Advisor and Intel®  VTune™ Amplifier both provide tools to determine where time is spent in a running application. This is referred to as Survey in Intel Advisor and Hotspots in VTune™ Amplifier. The following list details similarities and differences between the two tools:

  1. Both tools use the same low-overhead statistical sampling technology
  2. Intel Advisor Survey shows time spent in loops in addition to total time while VTune™ Amplifier Hotspots does not
  3. Intel Advisor only provides a top-down call tree, whereas Amplifier provides a top-down and bottom-up tree to help tune hot paths as well as individual functions
  4. Intel Advisor Survey is integrated into the Intel Advisor Threading and Vectorization Workflow
  5. Intel Advisor Survey is the more powerful tool for SIMD analysis
  6. Intel Advisor provides integration with the Intel Compiler and SIMD static analysis
  7. Intel Advisor Survey has recommendations to improve vectorization

If you plan on using Intel Advisor to help vectorize or parallelize your existing application, it is recommended that you use Advisor Survey as the first step.