The Ray Tracing Game: Eugene Klyuchnikov

The Ray Tracing Game

3rd Place Winner – Best Threaded Game

Eugene Klyuchnikov is a 26 year old Java programmer for Alcatel-Lucent. At the age of 9 years old, he discovered the world of video games on a ZX-Spectrum computer assembled by his father. In the early years he studied Basic and Assembler, the only languages available. His first significant achievements were the implementation of graphic effect and the icon-editor in MS Excel'97. He later created a few games to test his new skills in C++ and DirectX. In 2000 Eugene entered the Syktyvkar State University in the newly opened “applied mathematics” department. Each year he participates in the quarterfinals of the ACM championship and has twice participated in the semifinals. He has taught classes in “Foundation of Java" and "Visual Effects and Computer Graphics." He is grateful for the support of his wife in all competitions and for midnight dates with his computer. He lives by the motto: "Our job – to know everything."