Threading Challenge 2011 - Winning Entries

Threading Challenge 2011 - Entries Submitted (Code and Write-up)

Below you will find the winning entries by problem for the Threading Challenge 2011.  Please feel free to review and join us in the forum dedicated to each problem to discuss.

Master Level

Problem 1 - P1:M1 Masyu Puzzle

1st Place:    john_e_lilley         Code     Write-up
2nd Place:   Diao Rui                 Code     Write-up
3rd Place:    akki                       Code     Write-up

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Problem 2 - P1:M2 Tiling Rectangles

1st Place:    akki                       Code      Write-up
2nd Place:   denghui0815         Code      Write-up
3rd Place:    protocolocon        Code      Write-up

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Problem 3 - P1:M3 Parallelized Parser and Formula Interpreter

1st Place:    akki                       Code     Write-up
2nd Place:   john_e_lilley         Code     Write-up
3rd Place:    denghui0815         Code     Write-up

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Apprentice Level

Problem 1 - P1:A1  Maze of Life

1st Place:    VoVanx86             Code
2nd Place:   krivyakin              Code
3rd Place:    jmfernandez        Code

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Problem 2 - P1:A2  Sums of Consecutive Primes

1st Place:    dotcsw                 Code
2nd Place:   VoVanx86            Code
3rd Place:    jmfernandez       Code

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Problem 3 - P1:A3  Running Numbers

1st Place:    dotcsw                Code
2nd Place:   vdave                 Code
3rd Place:    kolkir                 Code

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