Threading for Performance

Intel Tech Talks :: 25Oct07

Threading for Performance.

Intel Technical Consulting Engineer, Shwetha Doss, discusses some common performance issues specific to multithreaded applications and how these can be identified with analysis tools such as the VTune Performance Analyzer and Intel Thread Profiler and addressed with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB). Intel TBB, a C++ template-based runtime library, consists of inherently scalable parallel algorithms and data structures that scale applications automatically as more processors and cores are detected in the underlying hardware. Intel TBB also helps address and fix performance issues that result from load imbalance and memory allocation.

Shwetha Doss is a Technical Consulting Engineer at the Intel Performance Analysys and Threading Lab. Shwetha’s current role involves supporting the Intel® Threading Analysis Tools and consulting with strategic customers. She has also written papers and given talks about Intel® Threading Analysis tools.