Ultrabook Development Tools

Good News!!

The same Intel software development tools you use to get outstanding performance and reliability on desktops and servers can also optimize C/C++ based apps for Windows* powered Ultrabooks.

Here are some recommendations to get outstanding performance from an Ultrabook:

  • Start with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010. Get more info on Microsoft* Tools
    • Improve Performance, Power Consumption & Robustness by using Intel® Parallel Studio XE. It contains:
      • Optimizing Compiler and parallel libraries
      • Performance Analyzer
      • Memory Checker Tool for more robust applications
      • An advisor tool to identify code portions that can be optimized for multi-core processing
      • Click here to learn more about Intel Parallel Studio XE and download an evaluation.
    • Boost graphics performance with Graphics Analysis Tools
      • For graphics intensive application performance tuning, like 3D games, we recommend the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer (Intel® GPA) that analyzes DirectX based coding. Click here to download Intel GPA.

If you want to learn more about Intel® Software Development Products please click here.