Vectorization Essentials

Techniques a developer can use to utilize vector hardware to potentially improve application performance by using explicit vector programming methods such as Intel® Cilk™ Plus and OpenMP* 4.0.

A series of ten videos covering Intel Compiler Vectorization essentials. It provides an overview of why explicit vector programming methods are crucial to getting performance on modern many core platforms. In the series, we explore code snippets and background information on such topics as Intel® Cilk™ Plus Array Notation, Simd-enabled functions, and explicit SIMD loops, as well as compiler diagnostic switches to help determine if targeted loops were vectorized and if not, why not. We also explore relevant OpenMP* 4.0 SIMD additions that perform te same functionality as their Intel® Cilk™ Plus counterparts. Each video is typically less than 10 minutes in length and yet provides a good starting point for developer who wish to get started using these technologies.

See other videos in the series:

01 - Motivation
02 - Vectorization I
03 - Vectorization II
04 - Array Notation I
05 - Array Notation II
06 - SIMD-enabled Functions I
07 - SIMD-enabled Functions II
08 - Pragma SIMD I
09 - Vectorization Success