Open Source Threading Building Blocks Resources Update

You may have noticed some recent changes and additions to the Threading Building Blocks site in the past month or so. But in case you haven't seen everything new, I'll point out some of the changes in this post.

TBB open source documentation

The TBB Documentation tab has a new look, and new documents. Originally, the PDF documents that are included with the commercial version of TBB were the only available documentation on the site. Those documents are still available beneath the "Commercial Aligned Release Documentation Website" heading.

In addition, working documents that, over time, will be more specifically aligned with open source TBB are available beneath the "Open Source Documentation Website" heading. The open source documents will be updated more frequently and will be synchronized with open source TBB releases.

For example, the current open source TBB tutorial guide is dated 2007-Dec-19, a day after the last TBB development release. The tutorial includes discussion of items that are currently under active development in the latest TBB open source releases, such as affinity_partitioner and parallel_do. Meanwhile, the open source Reference manual adds discussion of recursive_mutex and supplements the concurrent_vector discussion based on recent enhancements to the TBB code base.

To have documentation keep pace with development in an open source project is quite unusual, in my experience. It's something you'll definitely want to take advantage of if you're working with development versions of TBB.

TBB home page resources

The TBB home page is always worth checking out as a convenient place to see the latest TBB news. The latest TBB blogs are listed at the bottom of the page, and soon (once a bug is fixed) the latest TBB forums activity will also be available.

Currently, the home page points you to Ryan Bloom's new article "The Challenges of Developing Multithreaded Processing Pipelines" and an interesting series of "chalk talk" videos where James Reinders talks about parallel programming.

TBB news page

The TBB News page is another recent addition to the site. This page gives you a much more detailed view of events and resources such as links to presentations given at conferences and a full set of articles about TBB and parallelism.

Devx go-parallel site

The site is another resource that will be useful for TBB developers. This is an Intel-sponsored site with a broad focus on parallel programming. It's also where our TBB articles are published. There's a lot of good material there.


Even if you downloaded TBB six months ago and you're still working with that release, there are good reasons to re-visit to see the latest TBB news and find out about newly-available resources. If you're using developer releases, it makes even more sense to visit frequently, since the TBB development team is releasing development releases more frequently and is also releasing open source documentation in conjunction with those releases.

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