Working with Intel AMT: Making Progress

It's been just three weeks since my first blog post and I've already learned a lot. Using the blogs, forums, and web-based training, I've been able to learn the major concepts and start developing applications for Intel AMT. Last week, I talked about IT Helper 1.0, the management console that I'll be developing over the next few weeks. I've already finished many of the features that I'll be implementing, including remote control, asset display, and event log display.

When I first started developing, I'd always end up experimenting with code and not paying much attention to the SDK's documentation. After using it for awhile, I regret not doing so earlier. In particular, the "WS-Management Class Reference" and the "WS-Management Flows" documents are especially helpful. They could've saved me a lot of time and I encourage developers to take advantage of them. You can get to both of them by opening the "index.html" file in the DOCS directory of the SDK.

The samples included in the SDK also helped me to understand a lot about how Intel AMT works. They weren't as simple as I'd hoped, but they still allowed me to see how a particular feature worked. You can take a look at my RemoteControl sample, which should be easier to understand.

The forum is another resource that I didn't take advantage of when I first started. I spent a long time trying to figure things out for myself instead of asking questions. I actually used the forum to find out about the two documents that I mentioned earlier. My question was answered in less than an hour! If you don't understand something, ask questions. Chances are, someone has faced the same issue as you and will be able to help you.

I should be done developing my management console within the next two weeks. This week, I'll be focusing on Agent Presence and Serial-over-LAN. I'll also be working on the GUI for my application. I'll be posting another sample in the next few days and I'll have more on my progress next week. As always, leave a question/comment and continue to check for updates.