Cilk + Intel

Parallelism can be smooth as Cilk? (pronounced "Silk")

If you've visited today, you see that the Cilk engineering team has joined Intel. I was surprised how fast I've gotten questions from a note on the Cilk web site on a Friday afternoon - it happened only minutes after the posting!  I've been a follower of Cilk technology for some time now - and it is exciting to have the opportunity to work with the team that is joining us! Working together we will result in even more options for parallel programming!

Cilk technology will complement other methods we have had great success with - including OpenMP and Intel Threading Building Blocks. We see great opportunities for Cilk to integrate with our parallel tools very well including Intel Parallel Studio.

Cilk technology offers parallel extensions that are tightly tied into a compiler. This has pluses and minuses when compared with compiler independent methods likes Intel Threading Building Blocks which is also inspired by the original Cilk research at MIT. Having both is better than either alone, and both will have strong followings. OpenMP and our Ct technology offer even more opportunities.

As it says on, we encourage everyone to visit us at the Intel Developer Forum September 22-24, 2009 in San Francisco. Find me there at our booth... and we'll talk!