Open Source, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Come Together

The intersection of cloud computing, virtualization, and open source has been such a hot topic in the industry and here on this blog that we've decided to spend some extra time focusing on it in October and November. We will have plenty of extra content about open source cloud and virtualization solutions on the Open Source at Intel website soon.

Here are a few of our previous posts about the intersection of cloud computing, virtualization, and open source in case you want to catch up:

In Jay Lyman's coverage on The 451 Group blog of Open Source World, which ran concurrently with Cloud World in August, he talked about this intersection of open source, cloud computing and virtualization:

"Many vendors reinforced the idea that open source has paved the way to the cloud, a topic covered here on the CAOS Theory blog by Matt. Consider Amazon’s use of the Xen open source hypervisor at the core of its EC2 cloud offerings as a prime example. ... A lot of folks also referred to cloud computing and its potential to take virtualization beyond the hypervisor and beyond the server so that applications, databases and data are all abstract."

He also went on to say that many people are deploying a mix of open source and proprietary cloud solutions and that it isn't a simple either / or choice for customers. Customers can choose the solution that best fits their needs.

As we work to provide information about open source solutions for cloud computing and virtualization over the next two months, what topics would you like to see us cover?