Parallel Programming Talk #55 - Daniel Moth on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Hello Parallel Programers! I'm Aaron Tersteeg. Welcome to Episode 55 of Parallel Programming Talk. Joining me again is Dr. Clay Breshears. On today's show we talked with Daniel Moth from Microsoft about Visual Studio 2010.

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  • Dec. 1: Bernard Laberge, Avid: A Quick and Easy Way to Parallelize a Legacy Codebase with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

  • Dec. 15: Matt Dunbar, SIMULIA: How to Use Intel® Parallel Studio to Streamline Code Development in a Multi-core Environment

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  • PROBLEM 5:  "3-D Convex Hull" closed on November 6th and is currently being judged.

  • PROBLEM 6:  "Maximum Independent Set" The final problem for this years has been released and is due November 20th.  Submit your solution TODAY!

PDC09 - Microsoft Professional Developers Conference
November 17 - 19, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California

SC09 - The Super Computer Conference
November 14-20, 2009 in Portland, Oregon Michael Wrinn and Aaron Tersteeg will be broadcasting Live from the show floor on Tuesday at 8:00AM  The Intel Software network team will be participating in panels and on the show floor for the whole event.

Microsoft will also be attending and presenting at SC09. Steve Teixeira, Microsoft Parallel Development Tools Product Unit Manager is giving talks at SC09. Also Daniel Moth would love to meet you at the Parallel Computing Platform exhibition booth.

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On the Show today:

Daniel Moth from Microsoft on Visual Studio 2010

Aaron and Clay talked Parallel Programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with Daniel Moth from the Parallel Computing team at Microsoft (and former MVP for Device Application Development). Read his blog to learn more about Daniel.

Daniel gave a great overview of the new features and debugging tools for parallel programming offered in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. "The Beta includes .NET Framework libraries such as the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), as well as the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) and Concurrency Runtime for developing native applications with C++, and parallel profiling and debugging tools for both Tasks and Threads." Learn more about parallel programming with Microsoft technologies.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

Watch an end-to-demo of our VS2010 parallel technologies

Check out Daniel's deep dive in the parallel debugging (the feature area he owns) and another video on parallel debugging.

Daniel Moth will be attending SC09 in Portland, Oregon from November 16-20.

If your interested in meeting Daniel to discuss Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft HPC technologies drop us a line at, we are happy to make the introduction.

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Michael Wrinn and Aaron Tersteeg will be broadcasting live from SC09 in Portland, Oregon with special guest Intel's James Reinders.