Succeed with Multi-core and You Could Win a $5,000 Co-Marketing Campaign

Parallel processing is the new standard, and your software needs to be multi-threaded to take advantage of it. Threading your applications to utilize multi-core technology enables everything from better multitasking solutions to improved performance. What's more, if you optimize before the end of the year, you'll get a chance to succeed in a competition that requires a little multitasking of your own.

The Intel® Software Partner Program gives you access to program tools and developer resources that help you enable your software to take advantage of the latest multi-core technology that helps program functions or tasks operate faster for your customers. By taking advantage of multi-core technology, you can also deliver more intensive graphics, more realistic images, and faster rendering.

Now is the time to optimize. A competition called "Succeed" is enabling developers to win more than new customers with their efforts. By using Intel® Software Development Tools for multi-core or any of our other technology focus areas, you could win one of seven co-marketing campaign prizes valued at $5,000 each or 10 second prizes of Intel Software Development Tools valued at ~$600 each.

Entering requires a little multitasking of your own. A finished Project Completion Report you submit qualifies you for an entry. The entry form asks you to submit: a) a tagline for an Intel® technology used to optimize your software, and b) a creative idea in 50 words or less for an online marketing campaign to promote your software. Learn more about our Succeed competition-and get in your entry soon. The deadline for entries is December 31, 2009.

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