Intel SOA Expressway Update!

Here is some new update on SOA Expressway. Release 2.4.1 was just made available to customers and a download is now available to evaluate:


 It is great to see market adopting Expressway at a rapid clip, although it leads to frenetic pace around here; based on customer demand, in this release we also added 64-bit Solaris support for x86.

 Now Expressway is supported on Windows, Solaris & Linux, as a virtual appliance on VMWare as well as available in a high assurance hardware appliance form-factor!

 Some of the highlights include -

    • Additional features for Cloud security such as

    1. Support for Amazon Web Services Security (AWS) for interacting with Amazon cloud services such as SimpleDB and storage service.

    1. Better REST Monitoring Capabilities: Shows the number of successful or failed transactions for each of the eight possible HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, CONNECT). HTTP messages

    • Better SAML Support - SOA Expressway now supports the SAML holder-of-key confirmation method as a simple configuration. This is useful for strong authentication use cases that need strong reconfirmation of the SAML subject.

    • Better Kerberos support - SOA Expressway now includes support for Kerberos tokens in its web services security policy with multiple KDC support including Microsoft Server.

    • Improved XML firewalling through remote upgrades of attack signatures & policies

    • Support for XSLT 2.0

 I will be posting a series of use cases to share how some of the features are being used by customers. Our brand new customer support portal went live on . If you are a current or evaluation customer you should have received an update. Keep your feedback coming!