- Mac OS X support

It's been years since I last used a Mac. I remember my dad got me one of the early Mac's. A single unit with a black and white screen. That was a long time ago and Mac now use Intel processors, BSD based operating system, etc. In any case, I have been getting requests for a Mac OS X version of my mesh agent. So for it's been ported to quite a few platforms (Windows, Linux, MIPS, Android, PlugPC...) adding Mac OS X support seemed like the next logical one. As luck would have it, my group had a spare Macbook Pro and it soon found it's way on my desk. Oh dear! I find the terminal window and type in "gcc". Ha! It has gcc (the compiler) this is great! Took about 4 hours to make all the changes needed and I had the mesh agent running.

The next day, I was running up and down the cube rows showing off my handy work to my co-workers. I had my iPod Touch in one hand and the Mac book in the other. I logged into MeshCentral on the iPod Touch, select the right computer and entered the web file manager. Moved to the desktop directory and created a new folder (All this from a web browser). Not a second later, a new folder showed up on the Mac's desktop. I would copy, move, rename. The only real problem is that the iPod touch does not have an exposed file system of it's own. Uploading and downloading are out of the question. Still, it was quite impressive.

I recorded a video demonstration, enjoy!