Intel and MeeGo

Originally published by Suzy Ramirez here By now you’ve probably heard that today, Nokia announced a new relationship with Windows focused around handsets and Windows 7. While Nokia mentioned they will still participate in the MeeGo ecosystem and ship a MeeGo-based product this year, they outlined a primary strategy strongly aligned with Microsoft. Although Nokia has been an important partner to Intel and MeeGo and we are disappointed by this decision, it’s important to know that this is by no means the end of MeeGo or the end to Intel’s commitment and the continued progress MeeGo has made and is making to the multi-device ecosystem. Our strategy has always been to provide choice when it comes to operating systems. MeeGo is one of those choices. We support a port of choice strategy that includes Windows, Android, and MeeGo. This is not changing. There is a solid value proposition for an open source OS that crosses different devices. End users want a consistent experience across all of their devices. MeeGo is a great solution to deliver that single experience. MeeGo is not just a phone OS, it supports multiple devices. It is already shipping and we’re seeing early momentum across multiple segments today, including automotive systems, netbooks, tablets, and set-top boxes. We look forward to Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, where Intel will outline its mobile strategy and have announcements around our mobile platforms and strategy.