Your chance to win at Intel Sponsored Sessions

Several months of hard work and everything comes down to the next 5 days in San Francisco at the 25th Game Developers Conference. Intel has several new sponsored sessions and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. As always we value your feedback and this year as an extra incentive to come along and provide us with useful feedback on the sessions we have arranged to give away something at each of the sessions that reflects the content of the talk.

First up on Wednesday at 10:30-11:30 in Room 302 is "Efficient scaling in a Task-Based Game Engine", including a look at implementing MLAA (Morphological Anti Aliasing) on the CPU as a post processing step and for this session we will be giving away a Core i7-2600K processor the same as the one used to demonstrate the sample below;

Next up between 1:30-2:30 in Room 309 is a look at the latest version of the Graphics Performance Analyzers suite or GPA 4.0 for short. David Swenson from Maxis will be joining us on stage to talk about Darkspore and how GPA was used to help optimise the title. Will be giving away a Core i7-2600K processor the same as the one used in the session "“MAXIS-mizing” Darkspore game performance with Intel® GPA 4.0!".

Rounding off Wednesday at 4:30-5:30 in Room 302 is a look at Intel's AppUp store in "Monetizing Games on Devices: Intel’s AppUp “Stores on store” model" , for providing feedback on this session we will be giving away a netbook.

The next set of Intel sponsored sessions are on Friday these are all centered around the Second generation Intel Core i7 processor and each session will raffle off a Core i7-2600K processor.
The morning kicks off for those who have survived the Thursday night parties at 9:30 in room 110 with "Dynamic Resolution Rendering", a look at using a fix screen resolution for a games UI and dynamically adjusting in game scene resolution using various filters to meet performance and quality goals, never again will you be stuck with a slide show at the guild raid because you want to see your chat window!

Next up at 11:00 in room 110 is "Increase your FPS with CPU Onload", attendees will gain insight into the CPU’s previously untapped ability to directly contribute to rendering real-time images, learning specific techniques that they can directly and easily incorporate into their game engines.

Just after lunch at 2:00 in room 123 is "Hotspots, FLOPS, and uOps: To-The-Metal CPU Optimization", a look at programming practices to fully utilize every CPU cycle and take advantage of AVX (8-float SIMD) that was introduced on the Second generation Core i7 processor family.

The final Intel sponsored session of GDC in room 110 at 3:30 is "Delivering Demand-Based Worlds with Intel® SSDs", a talk by Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy who has been working on experimental concepts to show just what can be achieved with Solid State drives.

I hope you enjoy the sessions and good luck as winning something to take home with you!