ISN Parallel Programming Community's Newest Black Belt - Dr. Nagaraja Shamsundar - Parallel Programming Talk #112

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Welcome to Parallel Programming Talk Show #112 – we’ve got a very special guest – the latest ISN Parallel Programming Community Black Belt is here and we will introduce him in a few minutes.

But first the news:

    • First up = DON’T FORGET THE THREADING CHALLENGE! /en-us/contests/intel-threading-challenge-2011/contests.php New Problems were posted on Monday June 6 and you’ve got until Monday, June 27 at Noon Pacific to submit your entries

        • Running Numbers – Apprentice – Community BB Asaf Shelley

        • Parallelized Parser and Formula Interpreter – Master – BB Gaston Hillar

        • Thanks also go to Community BBs Igor Levicki and Raf Schietekat 

    • Multicore Programming Summer School week of July 25th Universal  Parallel Programming Research Center in Urbana Champagne if you haven’t registered – hurry up it is almost full – June 24 is deadline (or until it is full). Clay is teaching. More info:  

    • The European Event - International Supercomputing Conference – June 19-23 in Hamburg, Germany Intel will definitely be there.

A little bit about our guest – Dr. Nagaraja Shamsundar (who prefers to be called Sham, spent 30 years in the US as a college professor (Professor Emeritus at Cullen University of Houston) before retiring in 2005. Before coming to the US he worked for two years at Tata Consulting Engineers (Mumbai) and Engineers India (Delhi). Dr. Shamsundar continues to be interested in programming languages, numerical algorithms and applied mathematics. His other activities are bicycling, woodworking and Carnatic music (flute).

He has been a steady and heavy contributor on ISN since February of last year – amassing nearly 28,000 points on our system. He has been an idustry leader for years with his contributions easily found elsewhere on the Internet.

Congratulations on the Black Belt! 

Questions Asked

    1. Tell us a little about yourself: where do you live & what do you do for a living?

    1. What was your first experience in the computer industry?

    1. What technologies do you work on? Which of these are you most impressed by or interested in?

    1. What excites you about being on communities, participating in discussion forums?

    1. What excites you enough to get up every morning?

    1. Are you working on any projects?

We are just about out of time – thanks for being with us today - we look forward to meeting you in person at the September Intel Developer’s Forum in San Francisco.

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Now for words of wisdom: Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice parallel programming.