Listener Question Show on the Intel Manycore Testing Lab with Jeff Gallagher – Parallel Programming Talk #116

Clay hosted this show solo since Kathy was ill.

Time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk – This is show #116. We’ve got a Listener Question Show today and our guest is Jeff Gallagher. I’ll be talking with him in a few minutes.

But first, the News

    • UPCRC Illinois Summer School on Multicore Programming Programmers with little or no exposure to parallelism have an opportunity to learn about multicore programming at the UPCRC Illinois Summer School to be held July 25-29, 2011 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The week-long, intensive workshop will provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of multicore programming, offer hands-on experience with the use of multicore languages and libraries, and introduce emerging research topics. Upon completion, participants will be equipped to choose the best multicore programming model for current and future projects. Prerequisites for the summer school include solid programming experience (C, C++, C# or Java languages) and a demonstrated interest in applying multicore programming to academic or professional pursuits. For more information about the summer school, visit the website at

 As you can see, Summer seems to be a slow time for news and other events. 

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Today we’ve got a Listener Question Show. Today’s question comes to us from Faye Baxter.  She asks “I’ve read about the Intel Manycore Testing Lab in several places. One report says that it has 32 cores, but another says it has 40 cores. Which is it?”

To answer that question, we’ve brought in Intel Manycore Testing Lab Program Manager Jeff Gallagher.

Before we discuss the question answer let’s talk about the Manycore Testing Lab itself.

The following info was related:

What is the MTL?

    • Remote, high-performance environment

When was it created and why?

    • Share experiences
      Educational Exchange

Who uses this? Academics

What is in the MTL? Its anatomy?

    • How large – how many cores
      was 32, now 40

    • Environments

        • Linux – more popular, more customers
          Linux side upgraded to Westmere  E74860s  - 40 CPUs, 80 threads

        • Windows - Nehalum 75    


Elements Include

    • Red Hat –

    • Intel Compiler

    • Java –

    • Haskell

    • MKL

    • Parallel Studio XE

    • Visual Studio


    1. How many users possible – how is that managed?

    1. Can you share an example of the kind of work that’s been done in the MTL?

    1. Where can we get further information?


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Finally, today’s words of wisdom? Roads to success are always in parallel.

Today’s Guest

Jeff Gallagher has been with the Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, CA, for 11 years.  During this time has served as a Linux specialist for the Intel® VTune Performance Analyzer as well as a courseware developer in the Intel Software College.  Currently a member of the Innovative Software Education group, he is Program Manager for the Intel® Manycore Testing Lab, which provides remote access to a sophisticated 40-core development environment to professors of the Intel Academic Community and their students.