- New high speed server code

As usual, we are keeping up work making better. Meshcentral is a web based device management and control web site. Yesterday, we updated the central server which has large parts of it written in C# to use asynchronous socket writes. Up until now, we would use asynchronous socket reads thru out the server, but kept using blocking writes. The old system was not as fast, could not thread well on our 16 core server and sometimes caused bad side effects.

I had been trying to make the switch to the better asynchronous socket writes, but kept getting data corruption problems. In fact, I had run the new server on for a few hours in the last weeks and had to pull it after the web based remote desktop kept disconnecting due to a corruption of the SSL stream. In any case, a complete re-write of that code did the trick and last night the new version is up and running.

Users of should notice a small performance boost and less hesitation from the server. should also be more reliable. We keep bug fixing the web pages, the server software and the mesh agents about every week, all done automatically.

By the way, runs on a DELL PowerEdge 710 (Picture below). It's a nice rack server. It offers plenty of processing power, in fact, even with all the users on today, the combined CPU load rarely goes over 1%. So, plenty of room to grow.


DELL PowerEdge 710