- Session API support

A few days ago I read about a Mozilla Experiment called BrowserID and an associated Browser Session API which would help users log in and out of web sites. I found the information here: and so, just for fun, I spent a few hours adding support to Now, I did not add BrowseID support, all I did was implement the browser Session API so the browser would know how to login, logout and what identity it's currently logged in as. The API was pretty simple and it works very well. If you run Firefox, you need to add the Browser Sign-in Add-on then when navigating to Meshcentral, the API will kick in.

The picture below show what the address bar looks like when I am logged in. The word "admin" shows up left of the address, and when you click on it, you can logout right there. With true BrowserID support, you can also log in using an e-mail address that was setup with the browser, that part is not supported yet. Since I don't currently ask for e-mail addresses in Meshcentral, that don't going to be a feature I implement anytime soon. Still, I like the new browser aware sign-in system, I hope this is more widely supported in the future. Right now, I just like to stay on the cutting edge of web technologies.