Video: Host-Based Provisioning Intel vPro clients using the ACU Wizard

There are two utilities that are packaged with the Intel SCS (Setup and Configuration Software) that are very simple to use and can help you enable Intel AMT quickly. Starting with Intel AMT 6.2, we have what is called "Host-based Provisioning." This means you can now configure and enable Intel AMT directly on the system - there is no need for tools that must be done from remote systems (no provisioning certificate is needed; no complicated server environment is needed either.) This is not to say that prior to AMT 6.2 this whole process is complicated (it can be as complicated or as simple as your environmental needs dictate) but, in my opinion, Host-based Provisioning (HBP) makes things a whole lot more straight forward.

The attacthed video demonstrates how this tool can be used (and where to go get it.) The user may decide that their environment calls for more configuration that what they get from this tool. Here is a tip that the average developer may not know:

Along with the ACU Wizard, there is also a Configurator Command Line Interface (that's right - you can push scripts down to your client and have them run locally. If you require Admin Control Mode rather than Client Control mode, there is a command for that too. If you require TLS Communications, you can apply that once your system has AMT Enabled as well (if there is an API in the SDK, there is nothing you can't change about your AMT Configuration once Intel AMT has been enabled.)

You can download the most current version of the Intel SCS HERE (note that soon it will be refreshed with Intel SCS 8.0)

The following video demonstrates how to quickly configure an Intel AMT Client using the ACU Wizard.