Press Release Distribution Options to Improve Your Media Exposure

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Last week, we provided the framework on how to write an effective press release. This week, we’re sharing the various places you can submit your press release for distribution.

Over the past few years, the Internet has dramatically changed the way news is distributed and consumed. Today, you can maximize your media exposure through online press release services. There are plenty of online tools and resources that allow you to select the specific distribution channels, industry and subject category to ensure your news reaches your target audience. They include:

1. Your Website: Your website visitors may be your most important audience. That’s why you need to make sure your press releases are posted on your home page and “News/Press Releases” web page so anyone researching your company can quickly get up to speed on recent company news and announcements.

2. Paid Distributions:BusinessWire, PR Newswire and PRWeb are subscription-based paid newswire services that provide a wide distribution over traditional and digital channels. You can also be as granular as you want by selecting targeted industries and categories, including software. They typically have various pricing packages for distribution, word length and tracking, as well as video and social media services.

3. Free Online PR Services: Online press releases require SEO content to help increase rankings and drive traffic to your website. Free online PR services like PRLog, and have partnerships with third-party syndicates that allow you to select the digital distribution by search engines, newswire networks and RSS feeds to specific news organizations, industries and niche social media websites.

4. Local Business Distributors: Local Business Journals, Chambers of Commerce and business or trade associations are always looking for relevant content such as news or events they can distribute to their members. This can help create buzz for your business and build relationships at local networking events.

5. Relevant Media Outlets: Distributing your press release via email and fax to reporters and editors at local or regional media outlets such as TV stations, business magazines and newspapers is essential for generating local coverage. Establishing relationships with appropriate media professionals who cover your space can help increase your success in generating media exposure.

As a startup or a small-to-medium-size business (SMB), finding the right distribution service that meets your budgetary requirements and gets your news in front of the right people is essential to developing a successful public relations program, as well as generating more media coverage and public interest for your business.