The First Code for Good Student Hackathon

Ex-post facto Here are some of the Apps these great students came up with -

Well, it has begun. I am sitting in the Computer Technology Center at Contra Costa College with Professor Tom Murphy along Josh Bancroft and Brad Hill of Intel and 20+ students from CC College, Diablo Valley College starting 32 hours of uninterrupted coding. The challenge - use HTML5 to build web apps to teach basic algebra.

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The students will be basing their efforts around constructing simple math games, that will teach students, or perhaps will teach the teachers, basic algebra concepts. Julie Dunlkle of Intel has given us some basic concepts articulated in "Standards for Mathematical Practice by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)
Brad Hill introduces basic HTML5 concepts Intel's Brad Hill spent an hour introducing basics of html5 and related technologies. only one or two students have had any previous html5 coding experience. Is that a problem? No, not really. All, students here have been through Tom's C and C++ classes or clubs, most have knowledge of html or to other scripting and mark-up langauage. learn new coding by doing.
Anticipation at the Intel Contra Costa Code for Good Hackathon Student coders listen to the level-set at the beginning of the day. Alot of interest and questions, but I also sense impatience. Time to let them go and begin planning then coding the apps.
That's what I thought. As soon as we stopped talking, the students sprang into action. The students to chose to base their apps on four game-based categories: Bingo, Bowling, Card Games and a Math Shooter Game.
Oops. Just found out that there was a fifth, stealth team. They are working on a math abacus app.
Want to particiapte? Josh Bancroft is maintaining a wiki here.
Can you help solve some of the problem the hackathon particiapnts are encountering?

Introducing the Mathius, math shooter team. Students on this team are Hasani Gross, Alejandro Ramirez Escanellas, Michael Smith and Anthony Jones.


Meet the Bingo Team at the Intel student Code for Good Hackathon 2012.!


Meet the Bowling Team at the Intel student Code for Good Hackathon 2012.


Meet the guys writing the back end logic for the Bowling Team at the Intel Contra Costa College Code for Good student Hackathon.

Code for fun!

Meet the Card Game Team

It's 9:00 PM and things are starting to get a little strange
Time for a midnight check-in! Wake up Joy!

Card Team Midnight Check-in


The Bingo Team Midnight Check-in


Intel Contra Costa Hackathon Mathius Team Report out

Intel Contra Costa College Student Hackathon Bingo Team report out


Intel Contra Costa College Student Hackathon Card Team report out


Professor Tom Murphy wraps up the Intel Contra Costa Student Hackthon. This is an illustration of what makes Tom such a fantastic teacher. And no, it is not just the green hair.