Register for the Ultrabook™ Webinar Series: Join Intel in Reshaping the Personal Computing Experience

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Learn how your software can unleash the capabilities of the Ultrabook™ in this 3-part webinar series. The Ultrabook allows always on, always connected computing in an ultra-thin, ultra-light form factor. We're excited to hold this series for developers and hope to see you in the webinars!

Three-part webinar series:
1. The Ultrabook Essentials, July 11
2. Windows 8* conversion simplified, July 25
3. Ultrabook hands-on technical session, August 8

What you'll learn:

  • Your opportunity: How to take advantage of Ultrabook, the fastest growing Intel platform.

  • Take advantage of Windows 8: Add touch, GPS, accelerometer and other features to bring innovation to your app.

  • Ultrabook hands-on technical session: Where to access developer tools, content, resources and the Ultrabook marketplace so you can develop and market your app quickly.


  • Daniel Holmlund: Daniel has been a software developer for more than 13 years. He’s currently working with Intel’s Developer Relations Division on Ultrabook enablement.

  • Norman Chou: Norman is a software developer turned technical marketing engineer. He’s currently working with Intel’s Developer Relations Division.