- Update + IDF

Hi everybody! For the last few months I have been at work non-stop on, most of the changes are on the back-end server but I did want to post a status update on what is going on. First, I have been working a lot on improving Intel AMT support. Now again, Meshcentral does not require that you have Intel AMT, far from it. Pretty much any platform with a decent operating system can be managed... but if you happen to have Intel AMT I am working on improved provisioning support and Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) support. In general, what it all means is that you can manage your machines even when the OS is not booted using the web site.

The other news is that I will be heading to the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, September 11th to the 13th. Look for me in the corridors and on stage! It should be an exciting event. We will be slowing off the latest new Meshcentral features.

In other news, I had an intern this summer helping me with various Meshcentral features, one of them was building a file transfer application so that we can perform batch transfers to remote machines on the mesh. Below if the screen shot of the upcoming application written in C#. It looks much like any other file transfer app, work thru proxies and firewalls. Of course, the web interface works on more devices, but some users will like this application especially for the batch download support. This application will be released as part of an upcoming release of the open source mesh web tools.