App Show 36: Coding a High Scores Board in HTML5 for Windows 8

In this App Show I take the full show to walk us though HTML5 code for creating a locally stored high scores leader board. I walk you thru his javascript and demos a game using the high score feature. Note: Full blog and code examples available from this blog post:
In the video I break down the coding process into 5 steps

Initializing and reading the high scores from file:
Here you can create a sample leader board that works for your game before you create any high scores.  Then once that is created you can create a local text file with the sample scores that you later write over, once you make the leader board.  At the end of this section I demo an  app that uses this code. 

Checking the rank of your score:
I then explain how you will first want to identify where in the leaerboard your final game score.  With this new rank defined you can then modify the existing score board

Repositioning lower ranked scores
In this section of the show I explain how you then reposition the scores below the new ranking score by sequencing thru the high scores array and moving each score down in the array position 

Diplaying the high scores:
Here I show how you read through a high scores array to display the high scores at the end of the game, and changing the default font for the new high score  

Saving the scores to file
 Finally I show how to save the new set of scores to a local file, to then be read for the next time the game is played, then finish with a final demo of the app, showing a game score being added to the high scores board.