Building and Simulating an App using the HTML5 Development Environment Beta

The HTML5 section within the Intel Developer Zone was updated just before the US Thanksgiving Holiday to release the new Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta and I tried out a few of the sample apps. It took me about fifteen minutes to get one of the samples packaged into an .apk file and running on my Android tablet. This is the first cloud based tool set that Intel has provided and it's a basic solution to learn HTML5 and develop real cross-platform apps, that can be submitted to the iOS, Google* Play, or even a Blackberry* app store.

Before you get started.

There are a few things you need to do before you can get to this 15 minute example. Some necessary, some just recommended, some you may already have done, but all free..

#1 You need to login to the the Intel Developer Zone, or register if you are new: Click at the top right of the page you are reading now.

#2  Request an account for the HTML5 Development Environment Beta: Click here to goto the HTML5 page, or goto

#3  Download Google Chrome:  The mobile system emulator in the IDE only runs in Chrome, so you will need this once you get your account.

#4  Get a Github Account: Recommended, as this can be used by the HTML5 Development Environment Beta, but also as a login ID for Adobe Phonegap

#5 Get an account with (or use the github account you setup in step #4 )

If you have any questions or comments about this procedure, or the tools, please post them in the HTML5 Forum section.

The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment is enabled with IDZ single-sign-on, so once you get your approval email, crank up Chrome, login to IDZ and click to "Launch the Tool" on  the HTML5 page.

Be sure to check out the Mobile Device Emulator included with this tool. You can select from multiple screen sizes and orientations and see how your app will look and run on everything from a small phone to a large tablet.  The Emulator also includes support for tablet and phone sensors, so you can determine if you app responds correctly to GPS timeouts, for example. See the screenshot below for more details.

And finally, if you can't wait to get your IDE account, you can play some of the HTML5 games in your Chrome Browser while you are waiting, or browse the accompanying articles for the samples that are included.

Stewart Christie is the HTML5 and Tizen App Community Manager. Follow him on twitter @intel_stewart

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