Triggerfinger Software: Replacing Keyboards with Game Controllers

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Most people know Doug Naimo, president of Triggerfinger Software, as the guy who gives PowerPoint presentations with a Rock Band guitar in his hands. No, Naimo is not a Rock Band champion. He’s simply using Triggerfinger Software to replace the QWERTY keyboard the rest of us use. Triggerfinger Softwaregenerates alpha-numeric text input and trackball/mouse controls using a combination of multidirectional keys such as those found on game controllers.

“A game controller is more fun to use than a keyboard. Simple as that,” said Naimo. Triggerfinger Software is not just about game controllers. Its software is used by people who may not be able to use a standard keyboard and by those in professions like the armed services who use many electronic devices, but are interested in standardizing the controller for the devices.

“Our software is really about accessibility. Whether it allows someone to use a device they would physically not be able to use otherwise, or if it’s a kid who has no interest in computers and suddenly lights up when they see that you can control it with a guitar, both people now have access to a new device.”

Triggerfinger Software is an Intel® Software Partner. “The partnership with Intel keeps me looking forward, not back. Intel drives innovation,” said Naimo.

Naimo and Triggerfinger Software are looking forward by optimizing their software for the Ultrabook™. “I’m in the business of figuring out how to operate computers without the keyboard. The touch capabilities of the Ultrabook make it possible for people to do without the keyboard entirely,” he said.

As part of his partnership with Intel, Naimo has access to the newest Ultrabook device. “I’ve been making my Rock Band PowerPoint Presentations on the Ultrabook. It’s been seamless,” he said.

Intel is innovating alternate methods of control with the motion sensors on the Ultrabook while Triggerfinger Software is coming up with new ways to turn any electronic device into a controller. “It’s possible to use body signals to dial phones or use computers. For those who are often asked to learn to operate new computers, having a universal controller would save a lot of training time.”

Naimo is looking forward to evolving Triggerfinger Software in tandem with Intel, but he’s not quite ready to give up his trusty guitar for his presentations. “I get funny looks, but it works for me. The Ultrabook and its capabilities mean more powerful tools for people like me who don’t have a lot of use for a keyboard.”

Visit Triggerfinger Software for more on replacing a mouse or keyboard with software that replicates the complete QWERTY keyboard.

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