Perceptual Challenge – take our survey and apply for a free Interactive Gesture Camera

We’re only days away from the official launch of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge.   This developer contest encourages developers to create innovative applications using natural human interfaces like gestures, voice, and facial movement.    To help jumpstart your exploration and preparation for the contest, we’re distributing two hundred (200) Creative* Interactive Gesture cameras to developers who fill up the survey at our contest teaser site.   Recipients will be chosen based on their past experience with related technology.    A slight kink is that the camera can only be shipped to addresses in the United States, Canada, European Union & European Free Trade Association, Brazil, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.  Russia will be added shortly.

The camera has a HD web camera, a QVGA depth sensor and a dual-array microphone for capturing and detecting voice and user movements.  It works with PC’s that have the 2nd or 3rd Generation Intel® Core TM processor and use Windows® 7 or higher.   Use this camera for the best experience in developing and prototyping applications for the upcoming contest.    It’s your chance to get a jump ahead on this new and exciting technology.   Stay tuned for more announcements and best of luck to everyone!