Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge – now open for entries!

Phase 1 of the Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge is now open for entries – yes,  the one that has a total of USD $1 Million in prizes!    The Challenge will be done over two contests to give more time for learning, experimentation, better applications, and more winners.    The initial phase requires developers to submit a profile of their application, a link to a YouTube video showing their app prototype in action, and the executable to the app.      A total of $185K in cash prizes are available in this phase, with $20K each going to the top four winners.

Phase 2 starts in March 2013 and will have more than USD $800K in total prizes.   Not to worry, all developers are eligible to join -- even if they are Phase 1 winners.    Joining phase 1 will help you prepare for phase 2.

We’re looking for applications that showcase the use of the four usage modes in Perceptual Computing technology:  Speech Recognition, Facial Analysis, Close-Range Tracking, and 2D/3D Object Tracking.     The Challenge has multiple categories that developers can select for their submissions, such as Perceptual Gaming Apps and Productivity Apps.    The use of the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK is vital as well as the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera kit.   Both will greatly speed up software development in this new technology.  

Start your journey to creating applications with this exciting technology.  Check out our contest site for more details and join the Challenge!