About Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications XE 2013 Beta with Support for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

In support of the recent announcement of the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor, Intel has released the Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications XE 2013 Beta with OpenCL 1.2 features.

This new product line of the SDK, the XE, provides a development environment for the development of OpenCL applications across both Intel® Xeon processor and Intel® Xeon® Phi coprocessor using the Linux operating system. This SDK Beta includes a user guide, an optimization guide, development tools, and support for optimization tools.

Product is based on a published Khronos Specification, and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Current conformance status can be found at www.khronos.org/conformance.

Download the SDK for free at www.intel.com/software/opencl-xe and begin optimizing your applications for Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors.

About Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor

The Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor is the first product based on the Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel® MIC architecture).  It  targets HPC segments such as oil exploration, scientific research, financial analyses, and climate simulation, among many others. Intel MIC architecture combines many Intel® CPU cores onto a single chip. Developers interested in programming these cores can use standard programming methods. The same OpenCL source code written for Intel® Xeon® processor can be reused on the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor with minimum modifications. 

About Intel support for OpenCL*

Today, OpenCL applications can be optimzed for Intel® Core™ Processors, Intel® Xeon® Processors, Intel® HD Graphics, and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. Such wide support helps OpenCL developers preserve the investment made in OpenCL applications With minimum changes OpenCL code developed for one of these devices can run on any of the other devices. Intel is the first vendor to support all OpenCL device types: Processor (CPU), Processor Graphics (GPU), and Coprocesspr (ACCELERATOR).

With this release, Intel provides two product lines of the SDK for OpenCL developers:

  • Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications for Windows* with support for both Intel CPU and Intel HD Graphics on 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor. The 2012 production version as well as a 2013 Beta version are both available (see chart below).
  • Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications XE for Linux* supports both the Intel® Xeon processor and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. Only the XE 2013 Beta version is available at this time.

Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications Products Matrix

Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications Products Matrix

For more information on how to program the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor, go to our new developer community at software.intel.com/mic-developer

Arnon Peleg,

Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications Product Manager

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