OpenDTK - Commander with VNC KVM to Redirection Port

Last night I released a new version of the OpenDTK v1.13. For people using Commander often, you will notice the auto-update system will pop-up on it's own. In this version, I added support for performing hardware KVM sessions using any VNC client to the Intel AMT redirection port. Ok, so this probably needs a bit of explaining. Intel AMT 6.0 and higher has a built-in VNC server, right into the hardware. You can VNC to a Intel AMT computer while it's booting or at the BIOS screen (very cool). Will, to make this work you can configure Intel AMT to listen for incoming VNC connections on port 5900 (the standard VNC port) or, you can connect a VNC session to port 16994/16995 but you have to perform some custom signaling first.

Using port 5900 is nice, but if you ever want to use software VNC, you can't. Intel AMT will take over that 5900 port and so, the operating system will never see a connection on that port. Using 16994/16995 is also nice, but most VNC clients can't perform the correct signaling to connect.

In the latest Commander, you get the best of both. First, Commander does not come with a VNC viewer, so you have to download one seperatly and set the path to it. UltraVNC, TinyVNC and RealVNC are all supported, just pick your favorite one. Then, in Commander you can click a button to launch the VNC viewer on a specific Intel AMT target. If the target has port 5900 enabled, the VNC session occurs as usual. If 5900 is disabled and the redirection port is enabled, Commander will setup a small signaling proxy and have the VNC client connect to itself. Commander will then perform the proper signaling to Intel AMT and forward all the VNC traffic to Intel AMT. All this is done automaticaly, picture below.

Enjoy this new version, feedback & comments appreciated.