Soon... The Perceptual Conversion of 7 Ultimate Coders

It's about to begin, Intel's second Ultimate Coder Challenge. The work is planned and 7 amazing teams of developers have assembled to accepted the challenge, along with 4 anxiously awaiting Judges, who will review the work with us week to week.  If you missed the first one the best way I can describe Ultimate Coder is like putting a bunch of highly skilled people into a giant blender, with their wits to guide them and a thrill for adventure to fuel them. All for our education (and perhaps amusement). The blender, in this case, is a fully exposed 7 week challenge to code amazing new app prototypes using new Intel technology.

And for this second time around, we have upped the stakes.  The hardware is even cooler, the technology more bleeding edge, and the spectrum of developers is wide and varied.  This time around each developer gets a Lenovo* Yoga* Ultrabook convertible, the kind you've seen in those Intel commercials where the screen converts over and around, turning a portable workstation into a tablet on steroids.  We've also thrown in Intel's Perceptual Computing technology that allows apps to be controlled where you never directly touch the device.  Instead the computer can percieve your commands via voice recgonition, hand & face gestures and object tracking.  With perceptual control and conversion of devices into various forms, it's all very Tony Starkish.

We kick off the competition mid February, so look for our posts as we get ready to launch 7 weeks of coding updates, videos and more. Official information on Challengers and Judges very soon to come (note they've been officially unmuted, so you may hear from them first:  follow #ultimatecoder). Stay tuned :-) 

Be your own Ultimate Coder:
And if you have your own app ideas, we have an open contest running now for Perceptual Computing, but hurry there is less than 30 days left in that open competition.  For more on Perceptual Computing, download the SDK and check out the open contest