RTFB Episode 11 with Billy Cox: Outsourcing CIOs and Hybrid Clouds

Welcome to the RTFB (Reaching Technology From Blogs) Episode 11 Blog. Guests on RTFB are given an opportunity to talk about and promote their blogs. 

Billy Cox  joins us this time to talk to us about two of his blogs that address how companies are outsourcing CIOs and about Hybrid Clouds.

The new "Outsourced CIO"

"The “outsourced CIO”, being the face of an IT organization, is tasked with creating value through IT. We (Intel) built a CIO white paper that makes this point: IT is a part of the value creation machine (not a cost center). For the small or medium business, this means that whoever is acting as the CIO for the small company has to really help drive their partners business, not just run their IT. For the myriad of resellers and SIs that act as ‘outsourced’ IT for small and medium businesses, this is a fundamentally different view of their role – assuming they aspire to be their partners' outsourced CIO”... 

Hybrid Clouds:

"The reality is that hybrid clouds are in your future – like it or not. And, you will WANT to have IaaS resources from multiple providers. In some cases for geographic support, in other cases to have access to different capabilities. Regardless of the motivation, this working across multiple clouds will be the norm for most IT groups..."

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