Friday Forum Focus: Keyboards, image scaling, and Unity

Every Friday, we take a look at some of the most popular posts in the Ultrabook™ and Windows*8 forums here on the Intel Developer Zone.  Whether you’ve got a specific question or just want to chat with someone who loves coding as much as you do, these forums are the right place to do it. Click on any of the links to take part in the ongoing conversation.

Bios Set-up

I have switched on fast boot in the Intel ivy bridge Ultrabook and now I am unable to enter bios setup….keep reading

Windows*8 and Ultrabooks

Let’s start a forum where we post regular update of the powerful combination of Ultrabook and Windows 8…..keep reading


My Ultrabook is getting old and some keys do not work anymore. Frustrating, especially for the "Enter" key. Does anyone know the process to get a replacement item for my Ultrabook or to get it repaired?...keep reading

Image scaling

 I am developing 2D game for Intel ultra book I am using DirectX C++ now I need to Resize the ID2D1Bitmap image before painting. In QT there is a library called Scale (Image img,size) is there is any library in DirectX c++?...keep reading

Unity and Windows*8

I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8.
But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial:
The event is well created and handled but there's no information about the touch inputs, the touch count is always equal to 0. Can you help me? I can provide my code (which is very similar to the tutorial one)…..keep reading

Mouse Input

I'm starting with Ultrabook development. I would like to know if there is a simple way to know if the user input is being done with the traditional mouse or if he/she is touching the screen at a particular moment. As the events are not exactly the same when touching the screen than when using the mouse, I think it is needed to tell the difference to be able to handle the legacy mouse properly, isn't it so?....keep reading

Ultimate Coder Challenge

Intel just launched the next Ultimate Coder Challenge. This is focused on Perceptual Computing. Ultimate Coder puts developers in sort of a 7 week long hackathon, where they build a project around an Intel technology and platform.  They post about their work every week on IDZ.  There are amazing projects from high end professional studios to indie developers. ….keep reading

GPS Sensors

I have a problem with the GPS location sensor, as it seems that when I use the Windows 8 location sensor api, I can only get wifi based location data (around 100m accuracy). If I´m connected to a wifi network I can get location data, but not very accurate. If I disconnect from then network, I never receive valid GPS positions. I have Win 8 RTM installed and also all the latest drivers from Intel. Can anyone provide some solid knowledge about why this does not work or what to do to make it work? GPS based location with high position accuracy is a must for my app to work….keep reading

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